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The Local Santa Fe Homeless Backpack Project

I started the Santa Fe, New Mexico Homeless Backpack Project, my local project, in 2013. It's a small but steady project, funded by myself and occasionally helped along by friends, for which I'm very grateful. I speak a little about my motivation on the "About This Site" page.

Creating and running the Santa Fe project eventually gave me the idea to make a website tying all the global projects together and teaching people how they can start their own project. My idea is that if we can start a thousand small (or large) projects around our land, we can certainly make an impact on homelessness and how it is viewed. This website you are viewing,, is the product of that idea. This site has been on line since 2015.

Motivation and design of the projects all around the world will be different but I feel we have enough in common that we can work together to create a ground-swell of giving that can make a difference in many lives. I think this is already happening.

I've uploaded some of the printed material I use here at the Santa Fe Homeless Backpack Project on the "Project Summary" page. What I've learned about items to include in packs and sourcing those items I've addressed on their respective pages on this site. I hope this helps. The Santa Fe site is the model I've used to show you how you can start your own project. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about your project plans. Best wishes to you all.