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U.S. Homeless Statistics

In 2012, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) reported 633,782 people were homeless. 62% of homeless persons were individuals while 38% of homeless persons were family households. 62,619 homeless persons were veterans.

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About This Site

This site went on line on May 25, 2015

It has been said that in this society we have created enough surplus of all kinds that by re-purposing and redistributing what we don’t actually need, we could support another whole society the size of our own. I believe this.

I started my homeless backpack project in 2013 to do my small part toward this end. It has grown since then and I now give out more packs then I ever did and with better items in them – good survival gear that I hope can make a difference.

Along the way, some friends heard about the project and have chipped in, in kind and by buying new things I needed for the packs. This happened spontaneously and for that I am grateful.

During this time, I have done a lot of research in the hopes of making my gift more relevant and in order to understand the recipients’ needs better. As I searched the Internet, I was surprised and pleased to find so many others doing the same thing. As each of these projects reflects someone’s strong desire to lend a helping hand, I thought there could be some benefit in connecting all our projects to help build a global energy wave. I also wanted to create a place where those interested in participating in a project in their area or in starting one of their own, could come to find resources and learn from those who have come before them. I wanted everyone interested in this kind of giving back to feel welcomed and confident that they can do this themselves and help make a difference.

So, was created to help network all our efforts . There are some articles uploaded which speak to different specifics of the projects including packing lists, tips on distribution, sourcing materials, etc. There will be more to come.

I hope this is of some assistance to you and will help the community grow.

Oh yes, although this site does not have official non-profit status it is a not-for-profit effort, a gift to the community.

David Goldberg, Santa Fe, New Mexico